Research funding

Below is a brief detail of some of the research funding that I am involved in receiving.


GCRF Pump Prime  Sept  2017 to Nov 2017

We received some pump prime money to support the writing of a grant application for a GCRF project. £17k

Self funded PhD Student Oct 2017 to Sept 2020

We welcome a new PhD Student to the group.

IAA  Oct 2017 to Oct 2018

Innovation Acceleration IAA, £5000 for a demonstration of a domestic energy storage concept utilising hydrogen as the universal energy carrier.

PhD Zienkiewicz scholarships  Oct 2016 to Sept 2019

Funding for Bill Gannon PhD

RSC Outreach Grant 2017

£2000 for @TheHydrogenBike.  This paid for a new update to the original concept.  We now have a much more professional deployable kit to take to science fairs. We have a fuel cell to run the LED's and a better bike.

KESS masters studentships May 2017

KESS Funding of 2 masters students with RiverSimple.

 RSC Outreach - March 2017

RSC Sponsored us to go to the Big bang in Birmingham with @TheHydrogenBike.

 IAA  Feb 2016 to Feb 2017

Innovation Acceleration IAA, £3500 for a piezoelectric flag concept proof of concept design.


FLEXIS is a £25M project between Swansea, Cardiff and Uni South Wales.  I have a single work package within this program of ~£350K.