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HYENA HYdrogen ENegry in Africa

The HYENA Network is a group of universities and researchers with an interest in the concept of HYENA.  Led by Swansea University we are actively looking for research opportunities that fit with our core concept.

Issues with Energy in Africa

  • Many countries with little natural resources in terms of gas and oil exist in Africa and and these countries tend to be the poorest.  Much of their GDP is spent on importing energy usually in the form of oil based products such as diesel. 
  • A significant part of the energy requirement is for cooking.
  • Cooking is carried out on open fires with the particulates causing health issues for the women and children that surround the cooking space.
  • Many of these countries have a huge untapped solar resource.
  • Energy demand does not correlate with the supply.
  • Solar panels are no good for cooking as this is a high powered application.
  • Batteries are not the best solution for cooking as they need to deliver the high power.

Core concept.

  • Renewable and intermittent energy sources can be stored in the form of hydrogen gas, distributed and then used on demand.
  • Cheap and efficient electrolyser technology can be used to produce the hydrogen.
  • Green Hydrogen smart grids can collect, store pressurise and distribute the Hydrogen gas.
  • New burner technology can allow for clean cooking and distributed heat.
  • Fuel cells and diesel generators can produce electricity form the hydrogen where needed.

Funding proposals

GCRF Hydrogen Energy in Africa Hub. 

Interdisciplinary hub to look at the grand challenge of better utilising the available renewable energy from Sao tome et Principe and Kenya. 

In partnership with:

  • Imperial College London
  • Queens University Belfast
  • University Sao Tome et Principe
  • University Nairobi
  • British Institute East Africa.

Grant has been submitted and is under consideration.