Professional Networks

I am a member of many professional networks and interact with all sorts of people all over the world.

Professional Networks



Research Gate is a publication based network where you can track the outputs from co-authors and the impact of your publications


SFNSolar Fuels Network is all about photo water splitting using particles and is of great interest to me.  I have sat on the advisory board whilst at UCL.



Energy Storage network are quite simple a group interested in energy storage.  This is of course a large part of my interest portfolio, where I have interests in storage of energy as hydrogen gas.




Vision 2020 is all about funding applications for Horizon 2020.  I am a member of the Energy and Climate cluster, through H2-NRG Ltd.

kudos-greater-research-impactHelps to track output through papers and social media.


PublonsPublons helps to track the refereeing work that i do for various journals.