• Obtained Fellow HEA status from the accredited route via Swansea University.  Here is my Wordle for the application.


  • Leadership for change course based on the OSCAR model for coaching in leadership.


  • Paper published online in RSC Advances on the zero-gap configuration for electrolysis. LINK


  • The Conversation article published on the use of electrolysis in space to power satellites. LINK


  • Won a Zienkiewicz Scholarship for a PhD student so will be welcoming Bill into my group in the not too distant future.


  • Took the Hydrogen bike display to the Big Bang event at 360 cafe in Swansea.


  • In Liverpool for the NanoEnergy conference.  Great group of international speakers. my talk was well received and hopefully will make a few good contacts.


  • Received notification from the RSC that I am now FRSC.


  • Ramsay Dinner in London.  held at the Royal Society with many notable guests.  It was the centenary dinner this year celebrating all things Ramsay.


  • Delivered a talk in Bangor on my bi-phasic materials for photocatalysis.  This was part of the invited RSC lecture series.   PDF of my slides is here.


  • Meeting in Cardiff for the FLEXIS project.  This is looking really good for some research funding for ESRI.
  • Interviews carried out for my new Post doc position. A formal offer is on the way to one really promising candidate. Looking forward to starting the work.


  • 2nd Lab induction course for the new starters to get them going in the lab.


  • Grand opening of the engineering campus here at Swansea. Perfect opportunity to enthuse some VIPs with some hydrogen related science.  Managed to get the Hydrogen as an Energy Vector demo up and running for the first time.  Very exciting.


  • Hosted a meeting with Tata Steel.  Lots of potential collaborations coming out from here.


  • 1st Lab induction for all the new starters.  lets get them in the lab doing good science.


  • First lecture in the facilities on the new Bay campus.  Nice bunch of students in the foundation year.  207 in the class.


  • In London for Ivan Parkin’s birthday seminar.  Lovely to see people again. It’s been a while.


  • paper accepted inot nanoscale.  this paper shows some of the


  • Tour of the facilities at Tata Steel.  Looking forward to some really good collaborative projects.


  • Paper Published online for Journal of colloid and interface science.


  • Paper Published online for Crystals.
  • I am the new Associate editor for RSC Advances


  • Paper accepted into Carbon.  This paper looks at the application of microwave heating of carbon nanotubes to seal propant particles into an immobile structure.


  • Taking part in Welsh Crucible.  Had an awesome day so far, meeting everyone and starting to think about some really good collaborations.


  • Paper on Sulfur polymers form inverse vulcanisation has been published in Chem Comm. LINK.  This is a really cool piece of work showing how we can make useful materials and plastics out of waste sulfur.


  • Adverts for my new PhD positions are now live. I am aiming for 2 PhD students in September after the move to the new bay campus. 1 in Solar Energy Harvesting, LINK, and one in Renewable  Energy Storage as Hydrogen, LINK.


  • Varsity.  Go Greens. Can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I moved to Swansea. Last year I played for the freshers and the scratch game.. This year I’ll just be reffing.. Next year I may be a student again as I’ll be doping my teaching and learning course…
  • It is with great regret that I have to inform you of the unfortunate score line in the Varsity canoe polo.. Cardiff were very strong and played well as a team.  It was just too much for the greens to cope with so the reds were victorious.. Swansea won the freshers but lost both the ladies and the mens.


  • Accepted onto Welsh Crucible LINK


  • Paper accepted “pH-responsive octylamine coupling modification of carboxylated aluminium oxide surfaces”in J. Mat. Chem A, LINK


  • Started teaching my Entrepreneurship lectures for third years at Swansea.  Class of 500 so I have to give my 6 lectures twice in order to fit them all in.  They are an interested and dynamic bunch so happy times. 🙂


  • Meeting to help SPECIFIC set up and implement Quartzy.


  • Tour of the ESRI building on the new bay campus.  this is my home for the next however many years and is very exciting.  The building is coming on beautifully, on time and on budget.. Looking forward to the move in August.  Here are some photos.



  • Paper accepted into International Journal of Photoenergy.  This paper is all about cheaper alternatives for UV-Blocking glass and experiments on photocatalytis assessment.  It is significant as it is my first solo author paper.


  • Spent a day in Bristol university working on their Quartzy databases and training their staff.


  • Started teaching again.  I have 160 in my class for key skills for engineers. These are the foundation year students.

1-9-14S-Lab awards

  • S-Lab awards in London. I received an award for the work I did on Quartzy a chemicals and equipment inventory system at UCL Slides


  • Attended the M4 Colloids conference at Cardiff University.


  • Invited to give a talk at a meeting in London about sustainable labs and the Inventory and equipment management system Quartzy that I ran at UCL.


  • Played canoe polo for Swansea University in the Varsity tournament against Cardiff.  We won both of the games I played in but unfortunately lost the important ones being the mens and ladies!!.


  • Started work as a senior lecturer at Swansea University


  • H-Factor is now 15.


  • Preparing for the move.  Bought a car so that I can travel around in Swansea and am house hunting.


  • Working on the laser cutter in the Inst of Making.  My outreach project is beginning to take shape..


  • Today has been a bit of a roller coaster of a day. I was offered a job in Swansea at the new ESRI and am now planning on moving my research and home over there.  The ESRI is a fantastic opportunity to get some energy related research done and it is gong to be a very exciting few years whilst they finish building the institute and we moving all of our stuff across.More will follow here shortly.


  • New Years Green Resolution has come out.  Interesting promo video for UCL.  Link


  • Visited the Nobel Prize museum in Stockholm.  Was great seeing the photos of  William Ramsay in 1904 when he received his prize.


  • Gave a lecture on nanotechnology to the new starters at UCl.  managed to get my online polling system to work for a change sop it went well.


  • Paper accepted by CVD


  • I’m now the Quartzy ambassador to UCL. LINK  see my page on Quartzy here.

11-11-13 to 4-12-13

  • Teaching.  I deliver 8 lectures over 4 weeks to 3rd Year chemistry Undergraduates in the core Advanced Inorganic module.  6 on Organometallic main group chemistry and 2 on solid state chemistry semiconductors and superconductors.


9-11-13 to 10-11-13

  • Road trip to Durham university to see Ross and Paolo who used to work in and around my labs in UCL.  Great weekend of catching up.


  • Trip to Swansea to talk to them about how they are setting up of the new Energy Safety Research Institute.  ESRI.  This looks like a fantastic set-up and some really exciting developments.

6-11-13 to 7-11-13

  • Amazing two days of technical discussions with SMB-Miller. Fascinating to see what new materials can do for the packaging of beer and it’s delivery.


  • The beginning of Movember!!!  Last year movember was a huge deal and a very good cause.  This year I am joining the ranks of men who are growing facial hair to raise awareness and money for male cancer charity Movember.. Some of the photos are here but be warned they are awful!!  Please Sponsor me.


  • Dalton paper is fully up with all corrections made. Link


  • H factor is now 14.


  • Our paper on Silver enhanced TiO2 surfaces has been  published online by Dalton. Link
  • Been playing with the Institute of Making and their laser cutter.


  • Our paper on Silver enhanced TiO2 surfaces has been accepted by Dalton.


  • Paper submitted to J.PhotoChemPhotoBiol A.  This is my comparison of a number of different UV blocking glasses in their application as filters for visible light photocatalysts.
  • Paper resubmitted to dalton on some silver enhanced tiO2 samples and their ability to degrade Tris.


  • Finishing my essay for the IOE course.
  • Finished reviewing a paper.



  • 1 viva down about 4 to go


  • Interesting gas given off from my new nanoparticles.  May need to start writing another paper.


  • Submitted a paper to Dalton.  This paper was rewritten after being sent back by PCCP.


  • Submitted a paper to CVD.  This paper was rewritten after being sent back by Langmuir.


  • Finally got my First Aid at Work Certificate through the post.  7 months between completing the course and getting the certificate.  Bureaucracy at it’s best!!


  • Delivered an awesome lecture on nanotechnology for the language school new starters.  Great fun lecturing >250 students with the freedom to try things in my lectures.  Need to get my online pol to work better in the UCL version of Powerpoint.


  • Press release is out for the Nature Materials paper that came out online this morning.
  • Gizmag put out a story on our paper.


  • Sat on the advisory board for the Solar Fuels Network.


  • Induction for the Institute of Making.  What an awesome idea.  Workshops facilities that are available for staff and students to come in and make things..  I’m now a member.
  • Gave a talk at the launch for the new XRD facilities about the use of Quartzy as a booking system.


  • Gave a talk at the launch for the new TEM facilities about the use of Quartzy as a booking system.


  • Paper submitted to PCCP.  This paper shows the photoactivity of silver doped TiO2 films using a new method of assessment. The decomposition of Tris and the resulting formation of formaldehyde.


  • Paper accepted by Nature Materials.  The paper concerns the band alignments of TiO2 in Biphasic composite materials containing anatase and rutile structures.
  • Fire safety warden training.  I’m now an official fire warden for the department.  I even have my own high vis Jacket.


  • Thanks to the Nuffield Foundation and the RSC for funding me a summer student to look into some really cool nano-composite materials for water splitting.


  • Paper published in J. Matter Chem on the photoactivity of fishbones.  This was work I did with Clara a while ago.  This is a classic example of how you can take a waste material such as fishbone which is highly abundant in Portugal and create something useful and exciting from it. link


  • Lecture for the language school.  200 foreign speaking students who want to learn something about Nanotechnology…  Great fun!  This will be the third one of these I have done and I love them.  Put a few more interesting slides in for next time. Have even got an online polling software application so that the audience can answer questions.


  • Mentoring for the Clean Tech Challenge.  Helping to shape Team Shikor’s presentation for what they would do with €100K in 100 Days.  Awesome group of Oxford MBA’s looking at a great technology for removing arsenic form drinking water using a fern. the incredible thin is that they can then recover the arsenic form the fern and sell it as high purity arsenic to the semiconductor industry and generate revenue.  Unfortunately the team came 4th out of some pretty hard competition.  But we all had a very good time.  Met some others with some pretty exciting technology that could go well with H2-NRG.


  • IOE course on using ITC for educational purposes. This is part of my diploma in higher education and teaching. “Those that can do, those that cant teach.  and those that really have no clue try to teach the teachers how to teach!!” so true!


  • Paper submitted to This solid films on work done by me and my masters student from last year.  Lets hope that they like it.  We have treated TiO2 thin films with liquid ammonia and then reheated it.  This has allowed for the surface treatment to take effect and N-doping to occur enhancing the photocatalysis.  has massive implications in how to treat powders and other forms of titania to get better photocatalysts.