PhD in Renewable Energy Storage and Vectoring

With the modern shift to renewable energy supplies, there remains a significant problem in the buffering of supply and demand. Traditional renewable forms of energy such as wind wave and solar do not correlate in their supply with the demand for energy. Electricity is very difficult to store on a large scale so new forms of energy storage are required to smooth the supply and demand issues. Hydrogen is a fantastic possibility.

The project will look into the application of water splitting devices for the implementation of renewable energy storage in the form of hydrogen gas. Alkaline electrolysers will be engineered and modified with Matlab modelling used to guide the process.

Test cell2 Tests cell

This project will also  have an outreach element where members of the public can be enthused as to the benefits of hydrogen.

More details from the Swansea Post graduate pages HERE

Apply for the post by sending a CV and cover letter to me.

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