Other Interest

Higher Education Outreach London (HELO)

I was involved with the HELO project  in  a number of consultancy projects with a chemical or energy twist. I am one of the few people who have interacted with HELO from both sides. H2-NRG was a small business helped with a problem, and I worked as a consultant for HELO as a professional chemist.. One project involved energy drinks and later turned into InnerZap.

Resource Booking System

I have adapted a on-line room booking system and turned it into a resource booking system for the chemistry department.  It is currently hosted on the UCL Chemistry web server so only accessible from a Departmental IP address, but is a much nicer system than having a number of different calenders.

Early Career Scientist Forum

I am the chair for the ECS forum.  We are a group of early career scientist that can help and support each other with information sharing and advice. Wiki