Nanotechnology Talk

I have a interactive, 1 hour, general interest talk on Nanotechnology.  It is used by UCL to give the new students who have english as thier second language a chance to experience lectures at UCL before they start their new terms.

Nano dog

The talk looks at Nanotechnology from a materials chemistry perspective and how things can be made using both a “Top down” and “Bottom up” approach.  We then consider zero. one and two dimensional materials.  Some of the talk is devoted to my research into nanostructures form my PhD, Post doc and beyond.  The talk also features a cut down version of the IBM promo video:

There is also an online real time voting poll where students can access a voting system on their smart phones and answer a simple question..

Poll results dec 13


The poll is used to introduce the concept of self cleaning materials and introduces an example of real time audience feedback into the lecture.

Recent talk PDFs

Nanotech starters talk Dec 2013