Positions Available

I am currently expanding and recruiting for the Dunnill Research Group.

Masters Projects

I can take on masters students in Fuel Technology  LINK

I have 2 fully funded, PAID positions for MSC in fuel technology. Based on a collaboration with Riversimple the car manufacturer.



CoFund Fellowships

I am looking for high level candidates to apply for some CoFund positions.

  • Are you currently based outside of the UK?
  • Do you have 3 to 5 years post doc experience?
  • Do you have a publication list to be proud of?

If so then get in touch and we can put in a an application to do a CoFund project in Swansea with me.  These positions are extremely prestigious with 3 year projects of semi independent research and a good change of a permanent position after the finish of the project.

If you are interested then get in touch.

PhD Projectsmexico

Only fully self-funded projects can be accepted.


Mexican Students

I am currently recruiting Mexican students to do PhD’s and Masters in Energy.   Contact me for details.  poster


Other Projects

Fancy a PhD or a Masters in something related to my fields of research?  Get in touch and we can see what can be arranged.