Welsh Crucible





Following the application process I was awarded a place on Welsh Crucible 2015.

Welsh Crucible is now over and i have learned a lot.  Met some fantastic people and made some really interesting contacts.  Hard work but rewarding.

Swansea 23rd-24th July 2015

Dragon Hotel in Swansea. Sessions on how to get where it is you want to be in 10 years.. Some interesting stuff on Web presence and tips for managing your online profiles.

Aberysthwyth 25th-26th June 2015

This was a good meeting but a long way away from Swansea.. Wales seriously needs to build some better roads.. The workshop concerned a lot of information of networking and how to build networks and collaborate efficiently with different types of people.









Cardiff 28th-29th May 2015

So this was the introduction meeting and allowed us all to make contacts and to network.  The event was hosted by the fantastic Vivienne Parry, a well known journalist and facilitator, and former presenter for Tomorrows World. Incidentally this was one of the programs that got me in to science in the first place so big respect!

Following the initial meet and greet and the inevitable ice breaking exercise, we settled down to the Pecha Kucha presentations.  A series of 9 slides each showing for 20 seconds while you talk about yourself.


This proved to be an awesome way to get to know each other and to see what different people had to offered in terms of potential future collaborations. My slides are Here.


A tour of the welsh government and a good meal were to follow.  The second day we took part in discussions relating to media, politics and the interactions that are possible.