The Hydrogen Bike

Store your Human Energy as Hydrogen gas.  Experience the Energy of the Future.

This project is an outreach kit designed to Engage, Enlighten, Entertain and above all Educate the public as to some of the trials and tribulations surrounding the renewable energy concept.

This is a really “Hot Topic” at the moment given our desire to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy solutions.  One major consideration for renewable energy infrastructure is the dis-correlation between energy availability and your usage. i.e the speed of the wind or the position of the sun in the sky does not correlate with your need to watch TV. Renewable Energy, therefore, needs to be stored / buffered to be supplied “On Demand”.

The project will be safe, interesting and fully hands on.

An energy input method such as an exercise bike will be connected to a uniquely built water splitting device. The display will allow a participant to put energy ”In” and observe in real time the formation of hydrogen and oxygen from the electrolysis process. This can form the basis for the discussion covering many topics over Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.

Of primary interest are the concepts of:

  • Energy storage
  • “On Demand” energy requirements
  • 2:1 ratio of evolved gasses
  • First and Second Laws
  • Concept of ownership of energy

Once a sufficient quantity of hydrogen has been created the members of the public have the unique opportunity to actually light their own hydrogen flame using my custom built micro burners. This will give them a  safe and stable flame about the size of a normal candle. Under the right conditions Hydrogen actually burns with a clean, stable and above all safe flame.

The setup can be used as:

  • A stand-alone science display for any level of students or members of the public.
  • The focal point of an energy lecture.
  • An engaging display for open days and science fairs.
  • Renewable energy discussions.
  • A-level and GCSE level engagement with aspects of the individual syllabuses covered and incorporated.
  • Can cover Chemistry, Physics and Engineering.

  @TheHydrogenBike now has its own Website.