Schools days and revision seminars

I do schools visits and revision seminars for A-level and GCSE chemistry.

Schools visits range from a 1 day revision booster to a series of days working on the majority of the syllabus and trying to build confidence. In each case the students benefit form having  a different face teaching and polishing their knowledge, exam technique and revision technique.


These days are run through my company Charlie D Ltd.


moodle picAll students that I have contact with for A-level tutoring / teaching get access to my virtual learning environment.   I’m really quite pleased with my own Moodle site that allows student to collaborate on their learning and revision with discussion forums and wiki’s. It has been shown that students learn better from an interactive approach where they get to help each other out and learn by discovery, rather than simply being told how it is by the teacher. Although small my Moodle community is going to grow and be a valuable resource for all.