Swansea is now using Quartzy across both campuses in order to better manage all of their chemicals.

Members of Swansea can sign up for a free account  Here  and ask to join Swansea University. You can then request Access to the Bay Campus Chemisclas or Singleton Campus Chemicals groups if you are operating chemicals in these campuses.

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I was spearheading the departmental chemicals database at UCL. We were inventorying and locating all the chemicals in the building to facilitate sharing and safety concerns. Each bottle of chemical in the entire building is going to eventually have it’s own unique identifier so that it can be traced and monitored throughout it’s lifetime. The aims are to;

  • Cut down the cost of multiple bottles sat on shelves.
  • Prevent unnecessary build up of toxic chemicals that are not longer in use.
  • Facilitate better use of Tax payers (research councils) money and resources.
  • Encourage sharing of chemicals.S-Lab awards

Members of UCL can sign up for a free account  Here  and ask to join the UCL Chemistry Department.

The bottle label is a unique Bottle reference made up of ABCxx where ABC are a set of three letters AAA, AAB, AAC…ZZZ and the xx are numbers indicating the year in which the bottle was purchased. This labelling system gives us ~17,500 bottles per year in the department.

We now have more than 20,000 chemicals in the database with many of them fully labelled up with a bottle reference.  Already people are borrowing and sharing chemicals with a huge benefit to the finances, safety management and to the waiting times for deliveries of new chemicals.

We won an S-lab award for the Quartzy chemicals and equipment inventory.

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Video Tutorial on the use of Quartzy

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