HEA Fellowship Application

I was bored, so I did a wordle of my HEA Fellowship application.


Gas Safety

Gas safety gassafe


OK so this year I am doing Movember..  This is a charity that encourages men (and women) to grow a moustache during the month of November in order to raise awareness and money for male cancer research. I have been meaning to do this for a number of years now and finally decided to give it a go. My biggest concern is that I’m teaching during November which means I have to stand and look ridiculous in front of 95 students whilst trying to install knowledge into their brains.

As the aim of this is to raise money for charity pleased to sponsor me. You can sponsor me at the Movember website and my page which is here.

2013-11-01 16.03.09

This is the first shot. You have to start the month clean-shaven. So here is me looking relatively normal.

2013-11-11 14.04.21

This is me after one week. Being fairly light haired my moustache just looks a bit ridiculous. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn to ginger.

2013-11-27 18.23.49

This is me after two weeks. It itches like hell and I can’t wait for the end of the month. I guess it’s all in a good cause.

2013-11-28 09.34.01

This is me at the very end. Only two more days to go!

First Aid at Work Certificate


First aid

Leadership and Management

Leadership and man